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India reacts sharply to reports of US-Pak nuclear pact

PTI 09 Oct 2015, 8:27:54 IST

New Delhi: India on Thursday reacted very sharply to reports of the US mulling a nuclear deal with Pakistan on the lines of India-US pact, saying anyone considering a nuke pact should first see Islamabad's proliferation track record.

"We have seen these reports and it is not for the first time this issue has surfaced. Whosoever is examining that particular dossier should be well aware of Pakistan's track record in the area of proliferation. And when India got this particular deal it was on the basis of our own impeccable non-proliferation track record," spokesperson in the External Affairs Ministry Vikas Swarup said, in an apparent reference to Pakistan scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan leaking the nuke technology to countries like North Korea.

"That is the reason US gave us 123 agreement in 2005 and that is why we got a NSG waiver in 2008. Pakistan's track record is completely different so we hope that will taken into account in making any such decision," Swarup added.

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Khan was one of Pakistan's top scientists and was involved in various scientific programmes there until his dismissal in January 2004 by Pakistan government on the evidence provided by the US about his involvement in leaking bomb-making designs and equipment to at least three countries — Iran, North Korea and Libya.

Ahead of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's visit to the US this month, a report in The Washington Post said the US is negotiating a pact on new limits on Pakistan's nuclear weapons and delivery systems, a deal that might lead to an agreement similar to the India-US civil nuclear deal.

"Pakistan has been asked to consider what are described as 'brackets'," the report quoted a source familiar with the talks between the two countries as saying.