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India Not Prepared To Face China, Says RSS Chief

PTI 28 Sep 2009, 1:37:59 IST

India is not adequately prepared in the event of any hostility with China and should take effective steps to secure its border, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said in Nagpur on Sunday. 

Addressing his first Dussehra rally after becoming the RSS chief at Reshimbagh ground, Bhagwat expressed concern over national security alleging China has almost cordoned India through its influence in neighbouring countries. 

"Despite frequent wars and border infringements after independence, we have become complacent regarding our defence preparedness.

"We are acquainted with the behaviour as well as ultimate motives of Pakistan and China towards us," he said. 

"Bangladesh has also been creating problems for us. The US still continues to play double game openly as well as clandestinely to protect its own self-interest in the sub-continent." 

Bhagwat claimed the US is making earnest attempts to bring countries like Nepal, Myanmar and Sri Lanka under its fold. 

There is an urgent need to curb continuous infiltration into the country through the porous borders, the RSS chief said. 

Infiltrators already inside the country should be driven out without any further delay by pursuing the policy of "detect, delete and deport", he said.  Regarding international diplomacy, the RSS alleged India has failed to take steps towards realisation of its clearly defined long-term goals in this sphere. 

"In spite of having being betrayed once by China and repeatedly by Pakistan, increasing incidents remind us of absolute naivete, immaturity, carelessness and lack of foresight of our political system," he said. 

Bhagwat advocated integraton of PoK with Jammu and Kashmir.  "The problems are increasingly being made knotty and we are missing opportunities," he said.  PTI