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India, Pak Cyber Armies At War

PTI 06 Dec 2010, 11:59:19 IST
Indian and Pakistani hackers armies are at earnest war against each other.  Indian and Pakistani hackers have defaced more than a 1000 websites in each other's country in the past few days. Many of these are critical government sites, reports MidDay.

A shot of the website Indian Cyber Army created to salute the soldiers
who fought in 26/11.

Now after a group of Pakistani hackers, Predators PK, defaced the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) website, India's cyber warriors have retaliated by damaging the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) of Pakistan website (http://ogra.org.pk/) among others.

MiD DAY had earlier reported how the Indian Cyber Army (ICA), powered by indishell.in, carried out a mass defacement operation on key Pakistani websites "to pay homage to the martyrs of the terror attacks" on the anniversary of 26/11.

A Pakistani hackers group, named PCA (Pakistan Cyber Army), responded by defacing around 270 Indian websites including that of CBI.

"PCA has done no great job. They attacked very soft targets and such vulnerable websites are floating around all over the web," said an Indian hacker on the condition of anonymity.

"If you analyse the screen-shot of the compromised CBI site, even after the attack, it retained the top header and side bars. It just so happened that the Indian media picked up the news and made it big. It wasn't worth it," he added.

ICA also compromised the website belonging to Hizbul Mujahideen (http://hizbmedia.net/), which could have been very useful for the Indian government. "It is just one of the examples on how the government could utilise the cyber space to strengthen national security.

Such attacks, if executed properly, could produce a lot of information about such terror outfits and can also help in busting their network in the country," said Dhruv Soi, Director of Torrid Networks.