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India Should Address Corruption Seriously: Dalai Lama

PTI 10 Aug 2011, 22:33:23 IST

New Delhi, Aug 10:  Asking India to do more to check corruption, the Dalai Lama today said the country should address the problem seriously if it has to succeed.
The spiritual leader, who described himself as a “son of India”, expressed concern over corruption in the country and said it is a “disgrace” especially as its nationals are “religious”.

“This is not criticism but I am concerned. Corruption by religious minded persons is really a disgrace. When I hear of immense corruption in China, I think OK because they are non-believers, they believe in power and money,” the 76-year-old Nobel laureate said addressing the fourth annual lecture of National Commission for Minorities here.

“But look at India.... Every Indian worships in the morning but in the meantime is this corruption. I say there is no third way. Either remain believer, God fearing or if you really want corruption, then carry corruption as a non-believer,” he said, adding, “Corruption by religious minded people is really a disgrace.” The Dalai Lama said India must look into this problem seriously.

“India must succeed. So all these little sort of disturbances need to be addressed seriously. These small mistakes. You must look into these problems and address them seriously.”

On religious tolerance, he said India is the only nation, where all major traditions live together. 

He also took exception to the term ‘Islamic terrorism'.  Noting that the term was unfortunately used by sections of media, he said, “It is totally wrong and unfair.  “Some mischievous people are there among all traditions. They can't represent the main believers of that tradition. The word Islamic terrorism is wrong,” he said. PTI