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4 Indian docs in Nigerian hospital given back their passports

India TV News Desk 14 Aug 2014, 23:37:40 PM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: All the four Indian doctors in a hospital in Nigerian capital Abuja, who have been forced to stay on in the Ebola-hit country against their wishes, were given back their passports following intervention by the Indian High Commission in that country.

"All the four doctors have been given back their passports by the hospital after intervention by the Indian High Commission and they are working on their exit from there," Spokesperson in the Ministry of External Affairs Syed Akbaruddin said.

The doctors at the Indian-owned Primus Hospital wanted to return home for fear of contracting the deadly Ebola virus in the country. They had claimed the hospital was forcing them to stay on in Nigeria against their wishes.

Yesterday, the MEA Spokesperson had said that it was an individual's choice to leave his/her job that he/she is working on and it happens in situations of stress.

"These doctors have been in touch with the High Commission on a regular basis. They also met our High Commissioner a couple of days ago," he had said.

The hospital was of the view that the doctors have not been asked to address any case of Ebola because it is not designated to handle such cases.