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International Yoga Day takes a new high, asana at 35000 feet above ground

India TV News Desk 20 Jun 2015, 9:56:57 IST
India TV News Desk

Gurgaon:  On the occasion of International Day of Yoga , SpiceJet crew and the Isha Foundation instructors will perform Upa Yoga (a simple yet powerful style of Yoga that activates the joints, muscles and energy system and incorporates pranayams), in a routine designed specifically to be done in-flight.

Passengers on-board the select flights will be encouraged to participate in the Yoga exercises while seated.

Approximately 50 dedicated Isha instructors and SpiceJet crew members have been specially trained to perform Upa Yoga, will undertake a 10 minute session on board select flights across the SpiceJet network.

In addition to the in-flight activities, several hundred Isha Foundations volunteers will perform a simple form of Yoga, Namaskar mudra, at SpiceJet check-in counters and boarding gates at select airports.

This unique program will be witnessed by tens of thousands of travelers at numerous airports across SpiceJet network, along with thousands of passengers on-board the SpiceJet flights.

CDs and handouts will also be distributed for better impact and greater recall.

Talking about the initiative, Ajay Singh, Chairman and Managing Director, SpiceJet said, "SpiceJet is pleased to be the first airline in the world to demonstrate Yoga on board.  We are happy to be associated with the Prime Minister's initiative in promoting Yoga in India.  We are pleased to join hands with Isha foundation for this initiative aimed at our customers who are on the move."

The program has been exclusively sketched for Boeing flights bound for destinations exceeding 1.50 hours.

And the airline in association with Isha Foundation intends to carry out such initiatives in future as well.