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Intoxicated girl, ditched by her boyfriend, gets hysteric in Meerut hospital

India TV News Desk 17 Jun 2012, 20:30:39 IST
India TV News Desk
Meerut, Jun 17: A 19-year-old girl created a scene in the emergency ward of Meerut district hospital on Saturday, after she was "ditched" by her boyfriend.

Policemen found her wearing jeans and a top near Railway Road in an intoxicated state and brought her to the hospital.

The girl was naming a man called Sandeep. She was naming herself  first as Shabana Khan and then as Poonam.

A broken cigarette, two tables and a black coloured substance were found from her purse. The substance has been sent for examination.

The girl tried to lock herself up inside the hospital washroom, and a female constable had to use force to bring her under control.

The girl said she had gone for a trip to Haridwar with her boyfriend and while returning they had a tiff, and Sandeep deserted her.

Dr Pradeep Sharma, physician at the hospital, said the girl was presently under intoxication and is expected to come to her normal self after some time.