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Inviting SAARC leaders sent out a message to world: Modi

PTI June 01, 2014 22:43 IST
New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today described the invitation to SAARC leaders for his swearing-in as a “right decision at the right” time and said his first major foreign policy initiative had sent out a message to the world about India's strength.

Speaking for the first time about his surprise initiative which got all-round praise, he said the world is still talking about it.

Visiting the BJP headquarters for the first time after becoming the Prime Minister, Modi said the world should realise the strength of India's democracy so that the country gets its due respect and status.

He noted that people have a lot of expectations from his government and it is the duty of his dispensation to keep pace with those aspirations.

“We have never thought beyond the country's frontiers. We are a big country, we are an old country, we are a big power.  We should make the world realise it. Once we do it, the world will not shy away from giving us the due respect and status,” the Prime Minister told a gathering of party cadres.