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22-year-old Electrician defies death, survives after iron rod pierces his stomach

India TV News Desk 27 Jun 2014, 20:10:59 IST
India TV News Desk
Mumbai: In a miraculous incident, a 22 year old Electrician defied his death after a 7 feet long iron rod pierced into his stomach at a construction site in Vikrolie area.

A team of 10 professional doctors operated upon him for over five hour long critical operation and saved his life.

The incident happened on 26 June in the evening when this boy named Mohammad Shoiab was doing electrical work in an under construction building.  He slipped from 25 feet high building and fell directly over a 7 foot long and 2 inch wide grounded iron rod.

Starting from his left feet, the iron rod got rammed deep inside his stomach.

Laborers on the site immediately cut the rod from rod cutter and hurried him to the nearby hospital in an auto. He was critical when brought to hospital and chances to save him very minimal, said doctors.  Doctors immediately operated him and took out the rod by cutting skin from thighs till stomach.

Shoiab's father, who was also working on the construction site during the incident, had lost all hopes to see his son alive.  But by god's grace, his sensitive internal organs didn't get damaged from the rod and he is normal now after the operation.

The lucky father is thanking god and doctors for saving his son's life from such a critical situation. Doctors are also amazed by the incident and are terming it as “god's miracle”.

Notably, this case is of a sheer negligence and absence of required safety measures that should be adopted by workers on the construction site.

“No safety norms are followed here”, said a worker at the incident site.

In Mumbai, this kind of negligence is very common on every construction site, in last 5 years, dozens of such incidents are reported in which 8 laborers lost their lives and while many faced critical injuries.