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IS recruit Areeb Majeed sent to NIA custody till December 8

India TV News Desk 29 Nov 2014, 14:49:56 PM IST
India TV News Desk


Mumbai: Areeb Majeed,one of four youths who had gone to Iraq and is a suspected Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) recruit, was today sent to NIA custody till DEcember 8.

The order to send Arreb into NIA custody was given by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) court.

Areeb Majeed, who allegedly left home six months back to fight with Islamic State (IS) returned home on Friday only to be arrested after being extensively interrogated by NIA. Charges of sedition and hatching terror conspiracy have been leveled again him.

 Majeed, a resident of Kalyan. Mumbai said that he was trained in Iraq for 15 days by the IS. Then he was sent off to fight in Syria and Turkey. During the struggle, narrowly escaped death and was shot twice. One of the reasons behind him returning home was that he required medical treatment.

Majeed had left his home along with three other young Muslim men from Kalyan on the Eastern outskirts of Mumbai to travel to Iraq. In late August, one of the men told his family over the phone that Majeed had been killed.

 He arrived at the Mumbai airport Friday morning and was immediately taken away by the intelligence officers for interrogation. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) had been in contact with his parents for over a month now. The officials flew to Turkey last weekend to meet with Areeb and issued emergency travel documents to him. The officials admitted that it was not easy to convince him to return.

Majeed claims that three of his other companions are yet alive.

The NIA had filed criminal charges for waging war against a foreign government against him. Investigators want information on how he entered Iraq, how he managed to escape, and whether he has any details on the 40 construction workers from India who were kidnapped from Baghdad in June, allegedly by IS militants.