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ISIS worse than wild animals, says Indian who returned from Iraq

India TV News Desk 19 Jun 2014, 21:46:43 PM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: Few survivors from the violence-stricken land returned home and recounted his horiffic stay in the country.

The ones who have returned say that the situation is dangerous even as they added that the Indians in Baghdad were alive.

Speaking with India TV, Zulfiqar Abbas said that the ISIS were like wild animals and the situation in Iraq was grim.

Another survivor Mehboob Rizvi shared that being pilgrims they were still secure but God save locals as they are under big attack.

He also told the families of Indians here that those stranded there are safe as of now, but situation is tense and dangerous and Indian embassy there is helping them.

“ISIS are ferocious, worst than wild animals, killing Shia Sunni both, they want to create a nation," he said.  

Meanwhile, the families of the abducted Indians are worried. "Last night, we got to know from the media that he has been kidnapped. Last time we spoke, he told me that he is fine and that I just need to take care of myself and not worry about him," said the relative of an abducted Indian.

India has been conveyed the message that the Indian nationals who were kidnapped in Mosul in Iraq are alive.

Forty Indian construction workers have been kidnapped in the oil-rich Mosul town of Iraq, presumably by Islamic militants but demands for ransom have not yet been received.

The workers were working on a construction project in Mosul in northern Iraq which has been captured by Sunni militant group ISIS. Reports said that the kidnapping took place while they were being evacuated on Tuesday.

Several Indians have been stranded in different parts of Iraq, which is facing a grave danger to its very existence.

The fanatic Islamist organisation ISIS has taken charge of Iraq's second largest city Mosul. It has committed terrible atrocities and is now moving towards the national capital Baghdad to overthrow the elected government.

About 10,000 Indian nationals are currently in Iraq and the government said some 100 were stranded in violence-hit areas in that country.

The Ministry said it was in touch with the 46 nurses who are stranded in Tikrit town, which was also taken over by ISIS militants.