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It's Not My Home, It's For My Executives: Anil Ambani

PTI 07 Dec 2010, 17:09:34 IST
Mumbai, Dec 7: The Anil Ambani group has clarified that it is constructing a multi-storey residential complex at Pali Hill in Bandra to house its senior executives, in a project that many quickly compared with Mukesh Ambani's landmark home Antilla.

But, unlike elder brother Mukesh's home, the new building will not house Anil.

Multiple residential units are being developed for housing senior executives of Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group at a plot in Pali Hill of Bandra area here, the group said in a statement, adding that "Anil Ambani will not be taking up any space in the proposed residential development."

The statement followed media reports that said Anil Ambani was building a multi-storey house for himself on the Pali Hill plot and that the project was being opposed by some resident associations of the area due to its height.

Comparisons were also drawn with the 27-storey skyscrper home of Mukesh Ambani, who moved into Antilla--the newest Mumbai landmark-- last month.

Reacting to reports, a spokesperson for the Anil Ambani group firm Reliance Infrastructure Ltd (formerly BSES Ltd) said in a statement: "There is no truth, whatsoever, in reports in a section of the media that a 150 metre tall residence is being built for Anil Ambani, Chairman, Reliance ADA Group, on the plot which was earlier home to a bungalow of the erstwhile BSES Chairman."

Earlier in 2000, the then united Reliance group had acquired Bombay Suburban Electricity Supply Company (BSES) and got ownership of this bungalow as part of the deal. Later, when the two brothers split, Anil Ambani got the power business and, thereby, this bungalow.

The company, however, said that it was "engaged in obtaining relevant approvals for developing the plot in question, at an appropriate time, into multiple residential units for housing senior executives of the Reliance ADA Group, etc."

"The proposed development, when implemented, will be fully compliant with height, environment and other norms, as applicable for other residential developments in the neighborhood," the statement added.

Earlier, reports said that the new house would give competition to Mukesh Ambani's new residence Antilla on Altamount Road, which reportedly cost a billion dollars.

The reports also said that Anil Ambani got permission for a 66-meter tall building, but that he has sought permission for a 150-meter tall structure -- just short of Antilla's reported height of 170 meters.  PTI