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Jagan Almost Came To Blows With His Uncle

PTI 01 Dec 2010, 11:42:22 IST
Kadapa (AP), Nov 30 : A second round of meeting late tonight to broker truce between Y S Jaganmohan Reddy and his uncle Vivekananda Reddy ended on an acrimonious note as the two reportedly came to near blows in the presence of other family members at their residence in Pulivendula here.

This has ended all possible hopes of a patch up between the two, informed sources said.

Vivekananda firmly rejected Jagan's demand that he not join Kiran Kumar Reddy's Cabinet, slated to be constituted on Wednesday.

This reportedly made Jagan lose his cool and hurl expletives at his uncle even as family members, including YSR's widow Vijayalaxmi, remained dumbstruck.

Both Jagan and Vivekananda allegedly shouted at each other at the top of their voices and nearly came to blows at one point, informed sources said.

But Vijayalaxmi and other members intervened to ensure the situation did not turn worse, the sources added.

Vivekananda then left the house in a huff and embarked on his journey to Hyderabad.

He is expected to be sworn-in as a minister on Wednesday.

Jagan also left for their family estate at Rajiv Knowledge Valley (Idupulapaya), the sources said.

Earlier, Viveka was given a rousing reception when he reached Pulivendula from Kadapa after announcing that he would remain a loyal Congressman "till my last breath."

That he held more sway than Jagan in Pulivendula became evident by the way he was received by the locals. PTI