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Flood-hit farmers of J&K feel insulted by compensation cheques worth Rs 47

India TV News Desk 03 Jun 2015, 13:33:16 IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Jammu and Kashmir government officials handed over compensation cheques to 2014 flood victims ranging between Rs 47 and Rs 378.

The cheques were given to the farmers hit by flood in Sarora region.

The farmers have described the cheques a 'joke' and refused to accept it.

Several farmers said that government officials had last month visited the village to inspect the loss incurred due to flood. At that time, they hoped that the outcome will be something fruitful.

"I have received a cheque of Rs 100. My loss was estimated around Rs 30,000. What is the meaning of this cheque? What should I do with this? I have to spend over Rs 100 to go to Srinagar... the compensation amount here is Rs 100. Government is doing a joke," a farmer said.

"We were hopeful of getting something concrete... officials visited our village. But this cheque is useful for me," another farmer said.

Farmers now said that they are planning to demonstrate against the ruling PDP-BJP government.

Dr. S. S. Jamwal, Director Agriculture, Jammu, however said that the cheques were distributed according the norms set by government.

"The cheques are according to the rules and regulations of the government," the official said.

The state witnessed worst-ever floods in a decade in September 2014. Nearly 300 lost their lives and thousands were rendered homeless with a huge loss of property.