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Jet Airways flight to London delayed due to technical snag

PTI 16 Aug 2014, 8:05:29 AM IST
Mumbai: Over 300 passengers of a Jet Airways flight, which was scheduled to take off for London this noon, remained stranded due to a technical snag in the aircraft, sources said.

Jet Airways flight 9W 118 was scheduled to fly to London at 12.45 pm today, but shortly before the departure, passengers were informed that the flight was “cancelled due to a technical snag”.

“Later on, we were informed that the flight would take off after sometime,” Ram Agarwal, a financial consultant and a stranded Jet Airways passenger, told PTI last night.  

Agarwal also alleged that after this announcement, the Jet Airways staff kept changing their statement several times about the departure time.

When contacted, a Jet Airways spokesperson said, “The flight has not departed for its destination due to a technical snag and it will take off tomorrow morning.” All the Jet Airways passengers have been shifted to a nearby five-star hotel, the spokesperson said.  

“We were told that the flight will depart at 6 pm today, since the airline had arranged another aircraft, but later we were informed that this aircraft too was grounded due to a technical glitch and passengers would fly only at 1.30 am tomorrow morning,” Agarwal said.