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Jet Konnect Boeing 737 skids off apron area at Delhi airport

India TV News Desk 10 Aug 2012, 21:05:57 IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi, Aug 10: A Boeing 737 aircraft of Jet Konnect skidded off the apron area at the IGI airport here as the maintenance staff lost control of the aircraft while taxiing it from hanger but no one was injured in the mishap.


The incident happened around 10.30 PM last night. After four-and-a-half-hours, the aircraft was finally pushed back to the hangar with the help of tow tractor, sources said, adding airport operations were not affected and quick action by airport personnel avoided any damage to the aircraft.  

The Jet Airways maintenance staff are said to have lost control of the steering and the brakes due which the plane skidded off the tarmac and its nosewheel crossed a drain beside the apron near the fire station four of the airport, they said.

The plane's main undercarriage, the other two sets of wheels which are under the wings, came to a rest on the concrete slab covering the drain.

“Since the concerte slab are not meant to bear the load of an aircraft so it started to crack under its weight and there was a threat of serious damage to the plane,” the sources said.

Airport personnel along with the CISF immediately swung into action and reinforced the slab by placing concrete blocks, sand bags, steel plates and cement bags underneath it.  

“A quick action by airport personnel and timely reinforcement avoided any damage to the aircraft,” they said.  

“There was no damage to the aircraft. Also, there was no casualty as the plane was empty,” sources said, adding that operations were not affected during the rescue effort.  Jet Konnect is a no frill airline of Jet airways.