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Criminials upload Jodhpur jail inside pics on Facebook (see pics)

India TV News Desk 11 Jun 2015, 13:12:17 PM IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: The selfie bug, it seems, to have bitten the inmates of Jodhpur Jail in Rajasthan.

In one of the bizarre incidents a group of inmates have posted selfies on social networking site Facebook from inside the jail premises. One of the inmates even used the selfie to wish good morning to his friends on the virtual world.

The walls and bars of the jail are very much visible in the pictures proving that it was taken inside the premises. Even a picture was taken at the time of Holi festival, it seems, as the inmates were seen smeared with colour.  In another inmates are seen having a feast.

Some of the inmates in the Jail are serving sentence under heinous crime like murder, rape, dacoity etc. One of the accused posting picture is said to be a murder accused.

It is the same jail where Bollywood Actor Salman Khan spent time as Qaidi no. 210 in the barrack number 1. Self proclaimed Godman Asaram Bapu is also presently lodged in the jail.

Shockingly the accused were found to be online for hours and hours, during which they update their pictures and were also getting likes on them from friends and family.

Regular posting of photographs on the social networking sites raises serious questions on how these prisoners have the luxury of mobile phones inside the high security central jail. In India, mobile phones are not allowed inside the jails.