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Joyous Ralegan Siddhi Residents Dance To 'It Happens Only In India'

PTI 28 Aug 2011, 17:32:50 IST

Ralegan Siddhi, August 28: Victory flags were put up in almost every house in Anna Hazare's village where celebrations erupted as the Gandhian broke his fast in Delhi today.

People, who assembled outside the Yadavbaba temple where Hazare lives after hoisting ‘Gudhi'—traditional flag erected on Maharashtrian New Year which symbolises victory—in their houses, said they were eagerly waiting for their “hero” to return.

”This is the victory of the people and the democracy,” said Sarpanch Jaysingh Mapari.

Women and children, who were glued to TV sets for the last 13 days to get an undate on Hazare's fast, broke into frenzied festivities.

Patriotic songs such as ‘Jai Ho' were played and people also danced to the tune of Bollywood number ‘It happens only in India', which, perhaps, sums up Hazare's phenomenal agitation.

Asked when Hazare was expected to return to the village, his close aide Datta Awari told PTI that it would take at least 10 to 12 days.

”We are also eagerly awaiting his return. He is our hero and we want to give him a hero's welcome,” he said. PTI