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Juna Akhada saints probe controversy over Radhey Maa's elevation as Mahamandaleshwar

India TV News Desk 11 Aug 2012, 10:53:12 IST
India TV News Desk
Haridwar, Aug 10: A special team of saints of Juna Akhada, which had been asked to probe the authenticity of the affidavit, submitted by Radhey Maa recently, has found several things that the latter has not disclosed in her affidavit.

Sources said that Radhey Maa has not taken a formal Diksha in the Juna Akhada yet and had been originally associated with a Bairagi Khalsa group in Punjab.

The 11-member investigation team, which is presently camping in Punjab, had shared some of its findings with the authorities of Juna Akhada in Haridwar.

“The team has found several other things that Radhey Maa had not disclosed in her affidavit. We are waiting for the team's final report and further actions will be taken after that,” National General Secretary of the Akhada, Mahant Shrihari Giriji Maharaj said.

He added that if required, the Juna Akhada will boycott Radhey Maa after removing her from the prestigious post.

Radhey Maa had been suspended from the prestigious post of Mahamandalehwar of the famous Juna Akhada.

The entire controversy revolving around Radhey Maa began when she was suddenly appointed the Mahamandaleshwar of Juna Akhada.

The sudden development raised many questions. Allegation have been levelled that the Juna Akhada gave her the post after accepting fat amounts from her followers and well-wishers.

It has also been alleged that Radhey Maa has not given all details about her past in the affidavit that she had submitted before being made the Mahamandaleshwar.

Even in the past, television sting operations have exposed Radhey Maa's lavish lifestyle.

One residence is reported to be in a multi-storey residence in Borivli with two lounges, one for general public that had pedestal fans and the other well decorated air-conditioned room for VVIP devotees Radhey Maa sits on the fifth floor.

The passage and hall that leads to her has the appearance of a richly done pandal.