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Jyoti Basu Continues To Be Critical

PTI 11 Jan 2010, 10:38:50 IST

CPI(M) patriarch Jyoti Basu continued to remain in a critical condition with doctors attending on him saying on Monday that lack of any improvement in his health was "not a good sign".

"It is not a good sign. We expected a bit more improvement, but there has been no change in Basu's health. A patient staying in ICU without any improvement is a bad sign," medical board member Dr Susrut Bandyopadhyay told reporters.

According to hospital sources, 95-year-old Basu's blood pressure has been normal and he has been responding to broad-spectrum antibiotics.

The oedema, which is accumulation of fluid, in Basu's brain has been arrested, doctors said, adding that he has been able to take in 40 per cent of the supplied oxygen.

Doctors said they were unsure of Basu's health if the three external supplies - partial ventilation, oxygen supply and food - were withdrawn.

Doctors are taking measures to prevent bed sores as the former chief minister remained confined to bed in ICU, sources said.  Basu was admitted to the hospital 11 days ago with pneumonia.PTI