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Kanpur Police's hi-tech initiative to combat rising crime

India TV News Desk 09 Aug 2014, 11:07:48 AM IST
India TV News Desk
Kanpur: With a motto of combating the rising crime wave in the city, the Kanpur Police will launch a software soon to enable people in order to access them more easily and quickly.

With this launch, a troubled-person will have to just press a button on his/her smartphone which will pass on information about their status to the police control room and family members subsequently.

Asim Kumar Arun, IG Telecom, Uttar Pradesh Police said that for the last two months, the Kanpur Hi-Tech Police Control Room was working on ‘Save Our Soul' (SOS) application and it has now successfully completed the testing of the software.

It will be launched in the city very soon, he said.

Speaking about the functioning of the ‘Save Our Soul' software, he said, one can easily connect his smartphone with the police control room number and relatives by downloading and installing the application in their handset.

“A person will have to press a button; this will pass on information about his status. This will also trace the location and enable the police to reach the incident site quickly,” he said.

Arun further expressed confidence that this software will surely help in curbing crime against women and children.

“Sometime women, children are unable to dial 100 or communicate about their whereabouts to police or family members. In that case, this software will be very beneficial,” he added.

The software can be downloaded via Google, he said.