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Kasab's New Lie : Police Fabricated Evidence By Feeding Data In GPS

PTI 21 Jan 2010, 21:20:21 PM IST

Pakistani gunman Ajmal Kasab on Thursday  claimed police had fabricated evidence by feeding data in the Global Positioning System (GPS) which showed that the 26/11 terrorists came from Karachi to Mumbai by the sea route.

"I have no knowledge that police had retrieved data from GPS with the help of foreign experts which showed a sea route from Karachi to Mumbai...police may have fed the data," Kasab told judge M L Tahaliyani. 

The case of the prosecution is that 10 terrorists, including Kasab, had come from Karachi to Mumbai using GPS to unleash terror at different places in the country's financial capital on November 26, 2008. Kasab said he was not aware that some terrorists had spoken to news channels and that their interviews had been telecast when the attacks were in progress.

The lone surviving terrorist of the 26/11 siege also denied knowledge that CCTVs cameras in hotel Taj and Oberoi had recorded the movement of terrorists in the premises. He also refused to acknowledge the footage of the operation shown in the court. 

To a question, Kasab said he had no idea that a Yamaha engine had been imported by a Pakistani firm from Japan on January 20, 2008, 10 months before the terror strikes.

The prosecution has alleged that terrorists had fitted the engine to a dinghy which they used to reach the shores of Mumbai after leaving fishing trawler Kuber in the sea. 

Kasab, sporting a white kurta-pyjama, told the court that he was not aware that terrorists in Mumbai had received calls on their cell phones from Pakistani handlers from number 012012531824. 

He also denied knowledge that these numbers were connected to an account created with CALLPHONEX, a voice over Internet provider (VOIP) based in New Jersey, US. 

To another question, Kasab said he did not know that a person identified as Khadak Singh had made payments in two instalments of USD 250 and 229 to CALLPHONEX via Moneygram through Muhammed Ishfaq. 

The Pakistani gunman said he was not aware of evidence tendered by an FBI officer that a separate case of terror attack had been registered in the US relating to killing of eight Americans in 26/11 strikes. 

Kasab, who occasionally used some words in Marathi, denied knowledge about a city magistrate sending Letters Rogatory to US authorities seeking details of five GPS and satellite phones recovered from the 26/11 terror sites. PTI