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Khajuraho Temples: India's architecture at its best

India TV News Desk 14 Nov 2014, 10:05:01 AM IST
India TV News Desk

NewDelhi:  India has a rich cultural heritage and it can be found in every nook and corner of this country. There are innumerable monuments that stand tall even today to depict the creativity of the artist from our past.

One among them is  Khajuraho Temples which is located in Madhya Pradesh in central India. The name Khajuraho, or Kharjuravāhaka, is derived from Sanskrit language.

One thousand years ago, under the benefaction of the Chandela Rajput kings of Central India, 85 temples, magnificent in form and richly engraved, came up on one site, near the village of Khajuraho.

The amazingly short span of 100 years, from 950 AD - 1050 AD, saw the completion of all the temples, in an inspired burst of creativity. Today, of the original 85, only 22 have survived the havoc of time; these remain as a collective paean to life, to joy and to creativity; to the ultimate union of man with his creator.

Lets know more about these ancient artistic beauty which reflects the great creativity of Indian craftsman.