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Kidnapped Indian priest's kin await news from Kabul

PTI 04 Jun 2014, 18:07:14 IST
Chennai: Unclear about the fate of an Indian Christian priest kidnapped by Taliban in Afghanistan, his family is praying for his safety and seeking "good news" about him.

"We are all in the dark about my brother kidnapped in Afganistan. Please give us some good news about him and his safety," said Albert Manoharan, brother of Father Alexis Premkumar who was abducted by Taliban militants three days back.

"The information flow seems to be one way - from our side. There is no news about my brother in Afghanistan," Manoharan told IANS over phone from Sivaganga district where the family lives.

He said his brother was working with an education charity in Herat province.

"We spoke to him after the Indian consulate in Herat was attacked by militants recently. My brother said he is safe and there are no threats for him," Manoharan said.