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Know where all Lalit Modi travelled after obtaining his travel documents in UK

India TV News Desk 16 Jun 2015, 15:32:27 IST
India TV News Desk

Former IPL chairman Lalit Modi is back in news for all the wrong reasons.

This time India's External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj is at the centre of controversy surrounding Modi.

Swaraj admitted that she helped Modi to procure his travel documents in UK to travel to Portugal to sign medical documents of his wife. But Modi's Instagram account reveals that he was busy globetrotting and partying with TV star Paris Hilton and supermodel Naomi Campbell.

After obtaining his passport from UK, Modi travelled to Italy, Cuba, London and Spain.

Here are the pictures of Lalit Modi which shows he was partying abroad after collecting his travel documents from Britain.

Lalit Modi with Naomi Campbell in Havana, Cuba

Lalit Modi with Naomi Campbell in Havana, Cuba

Lalit Modi(L) with his wife Minal Modi(M)

Lalit Modi with his daughter Aliya Modi(R) and Samara Gupta(L) in Venice, Italy

Lalit Modi with his son Ruchir Modi and daughter Aliya Modi travelling to Cuba

Lalit Modi enjoying light moments in plane with his daughter Aliya Modi (M) and lawyer

Lalit Modi with American TV star Kevin Spacey

Lalit Modi at a hotel in Italy

Lalit Modi at a resort in Thailand

A controversy erupted after Sunday Times of London reported that Modi was granted visa to Portugal with the consent and recommendation of Swaraj. The Union Minister, however, claimed that she did nothing wrong other than taking a 'humanitarian view' of an Indian.

Lalit Modi moved to London in 2010 amid Enforcement Directorate (ED) investigation of FEMA violations amounting to 425 crore in IPL TV rights deal by Lalit Modi in 2009.