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Lalit Modi is neither a fugitive nor an offender, claims his lawyer

India TV News Desk 16 Jun 2015, 8:03:36 AM IST
India TV News Desk


-All that I am saying is that it's not a big deal, and shouldn't be unnecessarily blown out of proportion: Mehmood Abdi

-I cannot judge the veracity of those emails (admission related): Mehmood Abdi

-UPA Sarkar Lalit Modi ke peeche haath dhoke isliye padi thi kyunki Lalit Modi UPA ke chaheete Min, Shashi Thaoor ko kha gaye thay: M Abdi

-Yeh sab social obligations hoti hain. Kissi ke admission ke liye kissi ne kahin kuch keh diya, toh kaunsi qayamat ho gayi?: Mehmood Abdi

-Pehle toh, admission ka koi sawaal nahi hai: Mehmood Abdi

-This is political jamboree. Some people want to destabilize a popular Govt which has had no scams till now: Mehmood Abdi

-But our GoI, entire country including me was standing behind the request for his return to India on humanitarian ground: Mehmood Abdi

-Remember the Sarabjit Singh case? Sarabjit, rightly or wrongly was convicted of terrorism in Pakistan: Mehmood Abdi

-The people who are talking of propriety and non- propriety should introspect: Mehmood Abdi

-Mehmood Abdi: now the ppl who are talking about impropriety should introspect. UPA govt hounded him here and in the UK.

-When his address his known to everyone, where is the need to issue a blue corner notice?. The notice was fabricated: Mehmood Abdi

-From the day Lalit Modi went to England, he has been in communication with ED and all authorities including Mumbai police: Mehmood Abdi

-Mehmood Abdi: ever since Mr Lalit Modi broke the Sunanda Pushkar sweat equity issue on twitter, he was hounded by security agencies

-Some channels have been saying Lalit Modi's wife was not ill. Are they aware of medical advise?: Mehmood Abdi

-Lalit Modi has been staying with knowledge of everybody in UK, by following due process of UK immigration laws: Mehmood Abdi

-Which Court has declared Lalit Modi as an offender? Lalit Modi is not an offender: Mehmood Abdi

-Lalit Modi is not a fugitive: Mehmood Abdi

-A fugitive or an offender is a legal term which is, and which cannot be used so liberally as some media friends are using: Mehmood Abdi

Lalit Modi's lawyer Mehmood Abdi addressing a Press Conference in regards to the Sushma Swaraj-Lalit Modi issue. The external affairs minister had written to British lawmaker Keith Vaz to recommend travel documents for Lalit Modi, scam-tainted former IPL commissioner, for visiting Portugal.

The minister in her defence said that her recommendation of visa was based on “humanitarian grounds” as Modi's wife was ill.