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Lashkar Sought Negotiation For Kasab Release During Mumbai Attack

PTI 15 Jan 2010, 15:18:30 IST

The Pakistani handlers of the LeT men who attacked Mumbai wanted to obtain the release of captured gunman Ajmal Amir Kasab in exchange for the hostages held by the terrorists, an indictment chargesheet for two suspects has said. 

A US federal grand jury in its 12-count indictment against terror suspects Tahawwur Hussein Rana and David Coleman Headley gave extensive details of the planning of the Mumbai attack and how Lashkar-e-Taiba leaders guided their men during the four-day siege beginning November 26, 2008. 

Pakistani-origin Chicago resident Rana was indicted by the jury here along with American citizen Headley on charges of preparing the groundwork and providing material support for the LeT to carry out the Mumbai terror attack. 

During the course of the attacks, the gunmen were in telephonic contact with three LeT leaders   identified as Members A, B and C -- all of whom were located in Pakistan. 

During the course of the attacks, they were advised to, among other actions, kill hostages and throw grenades. 

"LeT Member A also sought to arrange the release of a hostage in exchange for the release of a captured attacker," the chargesheet said. 

According to the chargesheet the 10 young Pakistani men were given extensive training by LeT, in July-August 2008.

The terrorists were given training in various skills including combat tactics, room entry, hostage rescue, nautical training and swimming. The attacks on multiple installations killed 166 people including six American nationals. PTI