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5 last messages of AIIMS lady doctor who could not cope with a 'homosexual' hubby

India TV News Desk 20 Apr 2015, 13:20:41 PM IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Dr Priya Vedi, 31, who was a senior anaesthetist at AIIMS, committed suicide at a hotel room in Paharganj after her husband revealed that he was a gay. 

Before taking this extreme step, Dr Priya dropped messages for her husband, Dr Kamal Vedi (34) on Facebook. She blamed him for breaching her trust and hiding his sexual orientation. 

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Here goes the highlights of her last Facebook message that she posted before committing suicide:

  1. I am married since 5 years with Dr Kamal Vedi. We don't have any physical relation till now, which should be present in every normal marriage. 
  2. After 6 months of marriage, I found a fake Gmail account in his laptop which he was using for chatting with his gay friends. Then I asked him, he told me someone hacked his email. 
  3. He then tried to do sex 8 to 10 times with me but was unable to do with me. We never had intercourse. I never shared this with anyone because I was in love with him. I thought one day everything would be okay. I was just a wife tag for him.
  4. One month back he accepted that he is a gay. He had sex with his male partners. In spite of knowing this, I decided to help him. But he tortured me a lot. Last night he tortured me emotionally and I am unable to take breath with him. 
  5. Dr Kamal Vedi, I loved you a lot, you took my all happiness from me. You are not a human being you are a devil, who take away my life from me.