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Lesbian Girl In Bokaro Refuses To Live With Husband

PTI 12 Dec 2010, 11:41:43 IST
Bokaro, Dec 12: In a fresh case of a lesbian coming out of her closet, a newlywed girl has refused to live with her husband and has opted to live with her female friend  in Bokaro.

Malati Kumar, a girl living in Chas, Joda Mandir here was married to Shailendra Bharati on December 8. Hardly had the celebrations ended, Shailendra was shocked to find that his wife refused to consume the marriage on her honeymoon saying that she would like to stay with her female friend.

The families of both the bride and bridegroom tried to persuade her, but Malati was adamant.

She went to the women's police station and submitted a declaration on a bond paper saying that she wanted to 'marry' her friend Priyanka Kumari.

The station in-charge Pushpalata tried her best to persuade her but she insisted on having a live-in relationship with her female friend.
Malati met Priyanka while attending tuitions in 2008. Both are B.Sc. Part 3 students. They used to stay together for hours at their home and over a period time had a sexual relationship.

Says Priyanka: 'We'd prefer to die rather than live separately'.
Shailendra works for a pharma company in Bangalore.