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Live footage of man being swept away in sudden river flood in MP

India TV News Desk 02 Aug 2012, 21:42:14 IST
India TV News Desk
Betul (MP) Aug 2: The brother-in-law  (saala) of an Airtel tower employee Kailash Pawar was swept away in sudden flood in the river Tawa at Nandia Ghat here on Tuesday morning.  

He was later found unconscious near the river bank after several hours, and died on way to hospital.

On Tuesday morning at around 11:30 am,  Kailash alongwith with brother-in-law  Rajesh Pawar  was returning from Shobhapur on a motorbike with a can of diesel.

As the two persons on the bike tried to cross the temporary bridge, there was river water running on the bridge. The two decided to take a chance. As the motorbike reached halfway, suddenly the vehicle stopped, and Rajesh Pawar lost balance.

Both of them fell and were caught in the swirling river.  Kailash, who was holding on to the can of diesel, which was floating in the water, somehow managed to reach the shore, while Rajesh was swept away by the torrent of flood water.

Kailash is a resident of Shobhapur colony of Pathakhera, a  coalmine town  of Betul district. He works for the local Airtel tower in Bhogaikhapa, and was carrying diesel for the mobile tower.

People who were standing on the shore watched, but did not make any attempt to save the young man.  One of them  took the video on his cellphone, rather than trying to save the man.

India TV telecasted the video with an appeal to viewers to help people in distress first rather than taking video at the time of crisis.