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Lok Sabha To Take Up Impeachment Motion Against Justice Sen

PTI 23 Aug 2011, 22:58:37 IST

New Delhi, August 23:  After its passage by an overwhelming majority in the Rajya Sabha, the impeachment proceedings against Justice Soumitra Sen will be taken up in the Lok Sabha on September five and six, government announced on Tuesday.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister P. K. Bansal had earlier said that the issue would be taken up in September 4 and 5 but later clarified that it was a slip of tongue and the issue would come up before the Lower House on September five and six.

The impeachment motion was supposed to have been taken up tomorrow, but was postponed apparently due to the developments on the Anna Hazare front.

This is the second time that an impeachment motion would be taken up in the Lok Sabha, the earlier one being against Justice V.Ramaswami of the Supreme Court in May 1993 which fell due to lack of numbers after Congress members abstained.

If Lok Sabha also gives its approval to the impeachment motion, Justice Sen of Calcutta High Court would be the first judge in independent India to be removed from office. PTI