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Love, Marriage Aur Dhoka

PTI 18 Dec 2010, 10:19:00 IST
Rourkela, Orissa, Dec 18 : 32-year-old Minati Khatua, an employee of Western Electrical Company of Orissa ( WESCO) fell in love with Sitakant Routray an employee of a Dabur India Ltd., working at Rourkela and got married to him on September 13, 2009 before a notary public, but the revelation that took place caught her by surprise, reports India TV correspondent Deepak Savchandani.

Minati came in contact with Sitakant , since he was a friend of Minati's brother-in-law with whom she was staying in Rourkela.As Sitakant was frequenting their house Minati became close with him and love between them deveeloped.

When Minati informed her brother-in-law about the proposal to marry Sitakant, her brother-in-law did not approve.  But Sitakant and Minati being deeply in love did not care for any opposition and got married before a Notary Public.

Subsequently they got married by exchanging garlands at a Shiva Temple in Sector-6 of the Steel City. They lived together like husband and wife in a rented house away from their families.

According to Minati, Sitakant did not keep any physical relation with her saying that he has taken a vow before Lord Jagannath that he would not keep any physical relation with her until the Lord will allow him to do so. Minati was so deep in love with Sitakant that he believed him without suspecting his intention.

Finally the matter came to light when family members of Sitakant visited them at their house and disclosed that Sitakant is a female.

When Minati confronted with him over the issue he avoided and promised to give her vehicle and other properties to make her happy.

Feeling shocked and betrayed Minati filed a complaint before Sector-7 police station in Rourkela alleging that Sitakant had betrayed and blackmailed her.

 She told media persons that Sitakant's family members have threatened her of dire consequences by saying that they are in liquor business and can go to any extent to silence her.

In the meanwhile though the police have started searching for Sitakant, he has been absconding.

The police have accepted her FIR,  but are not willing to speak anything on camera.

Talking to media persons, Minati's brother-in-law said : " I was not in favour of this marriage though I did not know that Sitakanta is a female. But Minati was so determined that she left the house and got married to him and stayed together. Because of this I had cut off all relationship with her and did not care for their decision."