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Madhuri Dixit joins 'Mamta Campaign' for Madhya Pradesh

India TV News Desk 26 Jun 2014, 19:56:49 PM IST
India TV News Desk
Bhopal: Bollywood actress Madhuri dixit has now joined MP's Mamta Health Campaign.In this respect the diva said that it is a wonderful campaign as it can save lives of nearly 80 percent women.

On the othe hand the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh,Shivrajsingh Chauhan said that we politicians can not do everything alone,everyone should contribute something for the society.This is the reason why we have chosen Madhuri for this campaign.

Earlier the government has already signed Amir Khan for the Gauravi Campaign and now Madhuri Dexit has also shown her interest in Campaign which aim towards women health.

The CM said that it will be quite fruitful for socity after Madhuri joining this campaign. The CM also said that there is nothing above Mother in this world and with this campaign we will try to save mother and her child to an extent we could.