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Father's Day: Make your Dad feel special by doing 'these' things!

A father is a daughter's first love and a son's first hero. A man who would sacrifice everything just to make you happy, who would walk the fire for your sake, someone who loves you selflessly
India TV News Desk June 21, 2015 0:18 IST
India TV News Desk

A father is a daughter's first love and a son's first hero.

A man who would sacrifice everything just to make you happy, who would walk the fire for your sake, someone who loves you selflessly and unconditionally.
Yes, that's a DAD.
Look down through the hazy memories of childhood till now when we are so busy in our personal and professional lives; our dads have done so much for over the years.
He has played numerous roles in our lives, from our superhero to our biggest critic, a guiding light and even a friend. He has been everything that we need him to be and much more.
Although we speak our heart out quite often to our mothers, but when it comes to the fathers, we usually don't open up so frequently.
But now it's time to thank him for all that he has done, for making our days all the more brighter, for being the best man of our life, someone who will never let a tear crawl in his princess' eyes and also the one who will be there with her at every step of her life.
Father's day is day for all the dads out there. Make them realize how special they are to us and how beautiful our lives have been because our superhero.
So, here a some of the tips to help you give your dad that special treatment that he deserves, to show him that he means the world to you and no matter how old you get, your dad was and will always be your superhero.

Give him a hand-made gift

Father's Day is all about emotions and feelings you have for your dad. And the best way to express them is by gifting your father something made by you, be it a photo frame, a pen holder, greeting card etc.
Your dad will surely love it and this will indeed make his day a brighter one.

Be a Chef for a Day

It's been a long time you haven't tried your hand on cooking. If that is so, well there couldn't be a better day than this. Be a chef for a day for your loving father. Greet him with morning tea, especially made just the way he likes.
Cook him his favourite dish for the breakfast, even if it is a sweet dish. After all it's his special day. And don't forget to make an exclusive lunch for him.
Your dad will be happier than ever to see all the efforts you have made for him.

Buy your dad gift sprinkled with a personal touch

Give your dad a personalised gift which will touch his heart to the core like make a photo album of your journey so far with him.
Talking about photos, the new generation is known as the selfie generation. So why don't you click a selfie with your dad and use it for your greeting card or can even get it framed.
You can also gift your paa a photo frame with a whole family photograph in it.

Join him in his hobbies

Remember the time when your dad use to accompany you in playing cricket, doing painting, dancing and various other things that you loved. Now it's time to make him enjoy what he likes to do.
Encourage your dad, to take time for himself. If your dad is a movie buff, then take him out for a movie. If he loves music, take him to a musical show and so on. This will make your father cherish the day all the more.

Get him a practical gift

You can even get your paa something that he has always been looking for and was planning to buy. Like for a techie dad, one of the best options is a new laptop; similarly, if your dad loves reading, get him a book of his favourite author or a compilation of all his favourite songs/movies.
It's always better to get your dad something of his own choice that he will actually enjoy using.

Spend some quality time

Last but not the least; spend some quality time with your papa. He would not want anything more than this from you.
Talk to him, share your stories with him; remember he was once your secret-holder.
Discuss your future with him and actually pay attention when he talks. Realizing that you value his advice will make his day. Make him realize how special he is to you and your dad will be happier than ever.
We all know that we are not able to spend enough time with our parents these days, so giving him your time will bring a precious smile on his face which can't be replace by anything else.