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Man poses IRS officer, arrested; maps of army camps recovered

PTI 07 Nov 2014, 6:55:44 AM IST

Kanpur: A man was today arrested for allegedly extorting money posing as an Indian Revenue Services officer also maps, photographs and video of army training camps have been recovered from him, police said.  

Ashutosh Tripathi was being interrogated by the officials of Military intelligence, Air Force intelligence and Anti-Terror Squad (ATS), after some maps, photographs and video of army camps were found in his possession, raising suspicion of him being associated with some terror cell, said Kanpur SSP K Emanuel.

A car, with an army number plate, in which he was travelling has also been seized.

Emanuel said Tripathi was arrested after he went to police control room and demanded the video recordings of main crossings of the city, posing as an intelligence officer.  

The officials present in the control room said they were not aware of such thing and informed the SSP about him.  

Tripathi then went to the postmortem house and asked its authorities to give him the list of unidentified people those died in last 6 months.

In the meantime, a police team followed him and arrested him there.

During interrogation, he said that he was a 2006-batch IRS officer posted at Lucknow. When contacted, the IRS department in Lucknow denied there was such officer working in the state capital, the SSP said.

On further questioning, Tripathi revealed that he impersonated IRS officer and cheated people after promising them government jobs. He confessed that he had been doing so for last three years, he added.

When asked about the photographs, maps and video of an army camp, he revealed that his brother-in-law was in army he had clicked photos and made a video when he visited him.