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Monsoon likely to hit Karnataka by Monday

IANS 07 Jun 2015, 12:33:25 IST

Bengaluru:  Monsoon is likely to hit Karnataka by Monday, the Met Office here said on Sunday. It also forecast chances of rain or thunderstorm in Bengaluru on Sunday.

"Though the southwest Monsoon has been weak over the coastal Karnataka and south Karnataka, the conditions are favourable for further advance of the southwest Monsoon in more parts of the Karnataka in the next 48 hours," an official with the Meteorological Department said.

The maximum temperature on Bengaluru on Sunday is likely to hover around 32 degrees Celsius while the minimum temperature is expected to be 21 degrees Celsius.

On Friday, monsoon made landfall over Kerala, five days later than its normal date, with the India Meteorological Department saying that widespread rains in the state and other weather parameters met the conditions for monsoon onset to be declared.

 The event marks the beginning of monsoon rains over the Indian mainland. The system progresses northwards and normally covers the entire country by July 15, bringing close to 75% of India's rains over a period of four months.

 The four-month season, June to September, is crucial for India as over 60% of its cultivable land is rain-fed.