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Mother Abandons Baby Girl In JJ Hospital

PTI 13 Aug 2011, 13:16:19 IST

Mumbai, Aug 13 : Two-month-old Chahat was admitted to  Mumbai's J J Hospital  by her mother who went away to have dinner but did not return to her baby's side, reports Mumbai Mirror.

Chahat was abandoned by her mother in ward number 40.
The baby was brought to the hospital for treatment she was suffering from diarrhoea.While doctors wasted no time in treating her,the mother has not returned to take her home.

On August 10, a woman,who registered herself as Firdaus Mohammad, brought a sickly baby girl,called Chahat,to the hospital.

“The baby was dehydrated; we immediately started IV fluid and antibiotics. Thankfully, the baby is not suffering from any other major disease”, said a doctor treating her.

The mother,who had said shed be back after dinner to check on their baby,did not return.

The wait stretched on for hours,until after two days it was obvious that Chahat had been abandoned.

We informed the police so that they can look for the parents.Currently our paediatric nurses are taking care of the baby, said,Dr H H Jadhav,Medical Superintendent of the hospital.

In a letter to the JJ Marg Police Station,the hospital has also mentioned that the same baby had earlier been admitted to the hospital with a different name.

The parents had readmitted their child after a few days possibly with no intention of taking her back.

The police team which went to the address provided in the hospital records has come back empty-handed.

Uttam Pawar,sub inspector at Nagpada Police Station,said,JJ Marg police informed us about this case as the babys mother had given a Bombay Central address.It seems,the address is bogus and her mobile too is switched off.

JJ Hospital has certified that baby Chahat is now fit to go home.

Pawar said, We have told the hospital authorities to hand over the baby to Asha Sadan Children's Home,while we keep up with out investigations.