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Mother outperforms son in class 12th exam in Assam

India TV News Desk 02 Jun 2015, 21:59:03 PM IST
India TV News Desk

37 year-old mother outperforms 18-year-old son in Class 12th Exam

New Delhi: In a rare competition between a mother and her son, the 37-year-old Nayanmoni Bezbaruah has outshined her son in the higher secondary school examination.

She secured first division with 69.8% in her higher secondary arts test, whereas her 18-year-old son Ankur has just managed to pass in the third division.

The zealous mother scored above 80% in sociology and 79% in her favorite subject -Assamese literature.  But the result didn't seem to delight the poverty-stricken mother.  

“How can I be happy? I would be delighted if my son too had done better. We always look up to him for a better living,” Nayanmoni, said.

“I shelved my books when I was married off at a very early age. I always wanted to start from where I had left the education, but poverty acted as a barrier,” she said.

Nayanmoni used to study at night after making her younger children sleep. She used to finish her household chores before cycling her way to the school, which is located some 12km away from her village.

Having passed by first division, the enthusiastic mother now wishes to acquire more knowledge to write beyond infrequent Assamese poem.  

The curious case of Nayanmoni Bezbaruah has surely come as an inspiration for women who have to abandon studies to raise families.

Photo Credit: Tapubrat Gogoi