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Motorbike-Born Hoodlums Strike Again, Attack 3 Women With Blades

PTI 12 Dec 2010, 10:52:58 IST
New Delhi, Dec 10 : Three young women were attacked with blades by a motorcyclist in outer Delhi's Mongolpuri tonight, the same area from where police had arrested two persons for similar crime.

The women, aged between 18-22 years, were attacked and injured on the face and neck with a sharp-edged weapon in different blocks of Mangolpuri in quick succession around 8pm.

attacked and injured, victims,Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital,

According to a senior police official, one of the victims told police that the attacker was riding a red motorcycle.

Police put barricades and started checking vehicles in the area but were unable to catch him.

Investigators suspect that a single man committed the three incidents.

Earlier on December 6, two youths identified as Vishal (22) and Rohit (26) were arrested for allegedly attacking five girls with blades. PTI