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This 'Mufflerman' could beat out every single 'Superman, Batman & Spiderman' out there!

India TV News Desk 26 Nov 2014, 11:15:40 AM IST
India TV News Desk

How many of iconic 'man' you remember? Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Iron man, and the Indianised versions He-man, Shakti-man!

You may have seen endless movies and comics featuring them, but what awaits your attention ,is the brand new 'Mufflerman', he is the man of cold season and he will whiff off all these spiders and bats with his broom.


He is going to cough out every single virus of corruption from this country... and that's what he has pledged with every dose of cough syrup he gulps down.If Batman has got Gotham then Mufflerman has got Dilli.
While others are busy finding out more and more about this 'Mufflerman', take a look at our effort where we tried presenting you a gist of his existence...
Muffler man would never resign
His woes have grown up elephantine,

After throwing away what he once had
Went for a quest making his people very sad,

Oblivion to the blunder he had made
He sailed to the Holy Ganges instead,
Hoping to crack the national nut
He got a kick in his butt!


After losing both the grounds,
His conscience got duly hound
Now he admits ‘I was wrong'
I will never leave to which I originally belong,
But he is not a Caesar's wife
He will have to sail through this strife
For the lost trust is not easy to reclaim
It's a democracy not a game!


We have also come across a new fan of the '#MufflerMan', he seems familiar