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Muharram: Heavy barricading in Kanpur

PTI 04 Nov 2014, 18:04:19 PM IST

Kanpur: Muharram was today observed amid heavy barricading in the city as police used 100 trucks at all major crossings and intersection points with the intention of controlling large crowds who participated in the procession. Kanpur police had deployed trucks for barricading at all crossings today and claimed that as a result of this, the procession taken out on the occasion of Muharrum were conducted in a peaceful manner.

“We normally use bamboos for barricading, but this time we deployed a couple of big trucks at each major crossing point in such a way that people could not break them,” Kanpur Superintendent of Police K Emmanual said, adding that this formula was successful in controlling the crowds.  Thousands of people take part in the Muharrum procession and it becomes difficult for police to handle the crowd. This type of barricading helped us, he said.

“A large number of police personnel along with persons of Provincial Armed Constabulary and Rapid Action Force have been deployed in sensitive areas,” Emmnaul said, adding video filming of all the processions was being carried out by the police.

There were no reports of any untoward incident taking place during the procession, he said.
Observing that this method caused inconvenience to common people, the SP said that all trucks will be removed after the processions were over and traffic would resort to normalcy.