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Mumbai: Woman attacked from outside in a moving train, robbed

India TV News Desk 18 Aug 2014, 15:09:55 PM IST
India TV News Desk
Mumbai: Ensuring safety of women commuters in Mumbai locals may be a prime concern for the Railways, but the preparations and measures taken by the authorities in this regard seems to be fatal.

A shocking incident of assaulting and robbing a 23-year-old woman has come into limelight. The victim, identified as Tanuja Yadav, was robbed and beaten up by goons after she fell down on the tracks flowing attack by two unidentified assailants in a moving train.

The incident took place on Friday at around 8:30 pm when Tanuja, an education counselor by profession, was preparing to de-board the local at Goregaon station.

Tanuja's sister Smita Yadav said that she was talking to her on the phone when she left her seat and moved towards the door of train.

“She had taken slow local from Borivali. When she was standing at the door before getting down at Goregaon station, two unidentified men from outside attacked her and she fell down on the tracks,” she said.

The moment Tanuja fell down, goons tried to snatch her purse and mobile but the victim defended herself bravely. Later, she was hit by a stone from behind by one of the attacker following which she discovered fracture on her skull and shoulder.

After making Tanuja unconscious, attackers dragged her to line number three with a motto of creating a suicidal scene. The assailants later on fled from the spot with victim's mobile.

The woman lay there for a few minutes.

A young man, Abhishek, noticed something on the tracks and went ahead. He then took her to the nearest hospital for medical assistance.

Tanuja's mother Sudha Yadav said that her daughter is in critical condition and she can't talk.

“She was returning from office. She started working after my husband quit job following bad health. She was doing preparation for SBI entrance examination to be held in this month,” Sudha said.

She also thanked the young man for giving Tanuja a new life.