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Munde died of shock and hemorrhage: Autopsy report

IANS 04 June 2014, 16:43
New Delhi: Union Minister Gopinath Munde, who was involved in a car accident here Tuesday, died of "shock and hemorrhage", according to the preliminary autopsy report submitted by AIIMS to Delhi Police, officials said Wednesday.

"In this case (it) is a shock and hemorrhage consequent upon blunt ante-mortem injuries to the neck and liver," said the report that was submitted Tuesday night to police.

The report, a copy of which is with IANS, added that these types of injuries are commonly seen in road traffic accidents.

The report says there were two internal injuries in abdomen and neck due to the forceful impact of the accident.

“There was fracture separation of cervical vertebra between C1 and C2 (atlanto-axial joint) associated with transaction of spinal cord. The wound was associated with laceration of vertebral artery with other neck vessels and muscles and hemantoma measuring about 1,000 cc," it said.