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Munna Bhai Quits As SP General Secretary

PTI 09 Jan 2010, 23:27:50 IST

Following his mentor Amar Singh, Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt  on Saturday night resigned as the General Secretarty of Samajwadi Party claiming he was hurt by the treatment meted out to his "elder brother" by certain leaders of the party. 

"When the Supreme Court did not give me chance to contest Lok Sabha elections, Amar Singh made me the general secretary of the party. He had said both of us will work for the party from the same position," Dutt told a hurriedly-called press conference in Mumbai. 

"If he is no more the General Secretary, I am also quitting the post on Saturday ," Dutt said. 

He, however, said he would remain in the party as long as Amar Singh is there.  He said despite slogging for the party in his poor health condition, certain leaders of SP mistreated Singh. 

Dutt was appointed to the post of SP general secretary in April last year and had extensively campaigned during the Lok Sabha elections in April-May.

"Amar Singh was hurt by many people in the party. I am also feeling hurt that he was hurt. If he is not the national General Secretary, I will also not be in the same post," he told reporters. 

Dutt said he was also "hurt" by the statement of senior party leader Ram Gopal Yadav, cousin rpt cousin of SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav, that SP has not got even a single seat in UP due to campaigning by the film star. 

"We (actors) are touchy people. I feel hurt. I had slogged in UP polls but there is no recognition for this in the party...I am happy that I am quitting the post," he said. 

Asked whether he would quit the party, he said he would remain in the party as long as Amar Singh is there.  Dutt, however, praised Mulayam Singh Yadav and said he respected him and would continue to work as a "dedicated" worker. 

To a query whether he had sought permission from Amar Singh before quitting the post, he said "I have told him that I will do this. But he advised me against resigning. I told him you are my elder brother and we will be on the same pedestal." 

In Delhi, Ram Gopal Yadav, SP leader, expressed regret over Sanjay Dutt's resignation and said that Sanjay had worked hard during the election campaign. 

The general secretary of SP youth wing Samajwadi Yuvjan Sabha  Brajesh Kumar Singh has also tendered his resignation from the post. 

From Dubai,  former SP general secretary Amar Singh told India TV over phone that he would continue to align with Mulayam Singh Yadav on a personal level only.

Bhojpuri singer-actor Manoj Tiwari who unsuccessfully fought on SP ticket said that he was with Amar Singh and he suported Sanjay Dutt's resignation.PTI