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Narendra Modi on rape cases: Why parents always question daughters, not sons who rape girls

India TV News Desk 15 Aug 2014, 18:21:44 PM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: Expressing anger at  the increasing incidents of rapes in the country , Prime Minister Narendra Modi today held parents responsible for giving unchecked freedom to their sons and asking all sorts of questions to daughters only.

"When we hear about these rapes, our heads hang in shame,” said Narendra Modi while addressing the nation from Red Ford on India's 68th Independence Day celebrations.

Expressing his anguish over the double standard of Indian parents, Prime Minister said, "Even when they are only 12, young girls are always being asked so many questions by their parents, like 'where are you off to?'. But do these parents ask their sons where they are going?"

"Those who commit rape are also someone's sons. Have any of the parents questioned their sons? Why not put the same yardstick for sons too? You should stop them before they take the wrong path," said Modi.

"The law will take its own course but as a society every parent has a responsibility to teach their sons the difference between right and wrong," added Modi.