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Top five attractions of Delhi's National Zoological Park

India TV News Desk 01 Jun 2015, 16:25:17 IST
India TV News Desk

Summer vacations are the kids' favourite time of the year. Kids' love to enjoy these vacations thoroughly.

Playing, watching TV, picnic and hang outs are some of the things kids' look forward to during the vacations.

However, it is not possible to take them out nearly every day and to every place in the city.

But there is one such place in the capital, where everyone, irrespective of his/her ages, can enjoy. This place is “National Zoological Park of Delhi”.

Home of many kinds of birds and animal from peacocks to turtles to white tigers, National Zoo is one of the favourite tourist spot of Delhi.

Here we bring to you some of the stars of the National Zoological Park of Delhi:

Shankar – the African Elephant

The lone African Elephant in the Delhi Zoo, Shankar was gifted to the former President Shankar Dayal Sharma by the government of Zimbabwe.

One can see various Ganesh worshippers bowing their heads to this African elephant with giant ears.

Shankar has two companions in the zoo, Hera Gaj and Rajlaxmi- the Indian elephants

The NRI Birds

The Zoo in Delhi features a variety of bright and colourful birds, from Australian cockatoos to African macaws.

The birds with foreign feathers are more popular than the other Indian birds like owls or kites.

Many young birds have also born this year in the zoo adding to the variety of the zoo.

Snakes, Cobras, Pythons, Crocodile

One can see a variety of lizards, cobras, pythons, and other snakes through the glass catching the eye of every passer by.

But apart from these caged lizards, the zoo is a home to numerous other snakes who have not been captured by the authority.

Though the zoo has peacocks and mongoose to kill these venomous creatures, still many animals die every year due to snake bites.

The zoo also features crocodiles, tortoise and turtles.

Vijay – The White Tiger

The famous white tiger who hit the news for killing a man few months back, Vijay, is one of the six white tigers in the zoo.

Vijay is also the star of the 9am to 5 pm show. In fact, his stuffed miniatures are the most sold out irems of the zoo.

As of now five white tiger cubs have taken birth in the breeding centre of the zoo.

Zoo also features Asiatic lions but they aren't much popular because of their laziness.


The zoo also serves as a home to White Buck, Black Buck, Chinkara, Chintal and Sangai.

One can see the deers running here there and at times locking their horns with each other to show strength creating a worth-watching ruckus.

The kids who are the ‘Bambi' fans can get to see various cute fawns in the zoo.

Apart from these animals, the zoo also has giraffes, hippos, rhinos, leopards, monkeys and much more which do attract a lot of visitors.