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NDRF rescues 15 army men, Additional DM from drowning in Kosi

PTI 06 Aug 2014, 21:48:05 PM IST
New Delhi: Fifteen army men, including a Lt Colonel, along with the Additional District Magistrate of Bihar's Madhepura district had an NDRF team to thank for their rescue after their boat capsized in Kosi river.  

Lt Col Shivajee Vagre, Additional District Magistrate Vinay Kumar and the 14 army men were yesterday doing a recce to analyse the possible flood threat posed by the Kosi in Bihar when their boat capsized due to strong winds and heavy current.

After the Army boat lost control and overturned at the Pilot Channel near Muraut, “an NDRF team immediately rushed to the site and rescued all 15 army men and the Madhepura ADM”, a senior official said.

Timely and prompt action by NDRF personnel averted a big tragedy, the official added.