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New Hero bicycles used for carrying out Pune blasts

India TV News Desk 02 Aug 2012, 16:32:16 PM IST
India TV News Desk
Pune/Mumbai, Aug 2: Two new Hero Racer bicycles  and a small girl's cycle were used by persons who carried out the serial blasts in Pune on Wednesday evening.

All the three bicycles belonged to the same company, and have been seized by police.

The serial numbers of the three Hero cycles used in the blasts are:  FLG05707, LF34582, HG076373. Of the three, one is a Hero street racer cycle and the other two are Nitro Integra cycles.
A police official said, all the three cycles were probably purchased from a local Hero cycle seller here.
One explosive was kept inside a plastic bag  near the Kotak Mahindra Bank branch in front of Rani Laxmibai statue.
The lone person who was injured in the blast, Dayanand Patil, pulled out the plastic bag containing the explosive, and while crossing the road, the bomb exploded injuring him.
Dayanand Patil has been admitted to Pune's Sassoon Hospital with minor injuries, and he is also considered to be one of the suspects, police said.
Police have found traces of ammonium nitrate from the spots where the low intensity bombs exploded.
ATS and National Investigation Agency officials are baffled about the motive behind the blasts.
One official said, it could be part of a dry run for similar serial blasts to be carried out near Vikhroli in Mumbai and  other cities, with Janmashtami and Ganesh Puja on the anvil.