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No Indictment Of Sheila In CAG report, Says Govt

PTI 08 Aug 2011, 15:22:20 IST

New Delhi, Aug 8 :  Government today sought to pick holes in the CAG report on Commonwealth Games, saying there was no indictment of Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit in the main report, but only a line mentioned about her in the executive summary.

Talking to reporters soon after Parliament was rocked on the issue, Union Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal said as a minister he should not be speaking on the CAG report, but at the same time “Chapter 22 of the main report has no indictment (of the CM). But how is she indicted in the executive summary. 

“Executive summary has the crux of the main report. It is not in the main report, but only a line has been mentioned in the executive report. How is it. Who made the summary will reply. They are holding press conferences, they will reply not me. I have only brought forth the facts,” he said referring to the press conference by the CAG on the Commonwelath Games last week.

The Parliamentary Affairs Minister said Opposition members were raising slogans “based on total misinterpretation and misreading of the facts.”

“Though CAG report is not discussed in Parliament, I am not making it an issue. If anyone has a cursory look at the executive summary as also the main report, one would find that in the main report there is no indictment whatever of the Chief Minister on which they were shouting here which is really not the forum,” he said.

The Minister said once the Public Accounts Committee discusses the report, Opposition will realise that the issue on which they disrupted proceedings, “was never an issue.” He said had they given a notice on it, a discussion could have taken place as per rules.

He said with the adjournment of both Houses for the day, the discussion on internal security could not take place today. “It may now not take place due to other important discussions lined up,” he added. PTI