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Nupur Mehta says, if Kanda was harassing her, Geetika should have gone to the police

India TV News Desk 08 Aug 2012, 12:48:39 IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi, Aug 8: Bollywood starlet Nupur Mehta, a former colleague of Geetika Sharma, has said, Geetika could have approached the police or could have taken legal help if her boss Gopal Kanda has been mentally harassing her.

In an interview to India TV, Nupur Mehta said, she had recruited Geetika, when she was at the age of 17, in MDLR airlines.
"Since she was 17, we told her to work as a trainee and wait till 18 in order to be recruited as a cabin crew. After training, she joined as a cabin crew in MDLR airlines, where I used to work.
"Geetika was a good employee, and I had a professional relationship with her, which was neither too friendly nor antagonistic. I left the airlines job in 2008, and shifted to Mumbai. Gopalji (Kanda) requested me to join his casino in Goa in 2009. There I saw Geetika already working", said Nupur Mehta.
The starlet admitted that Geetika had filed an FIR in Goa against her and one of her colleagues.
"It was a personal dispute with one of her colleagues, and my name was mentioned in the FIR. As far as I know, the case is over, and since the casino was closed down due to legal issues, I left the job.
"I met Geetika once or twice in court thereafter, but we never spoke to each other. I can only say this much, we were neither very close friends, nor enemies.
"As far as I know, in the airlines, Geetika was happy with her flying job, but I had no knowledge about her personal life or about her relationship with Gopalji."
Nupur Mehta said, she was shocked when she learnt about Geetika levelling harassment charges against Gopal Kanda in her suicide note.
"It was a shock for me. I wondered after all, what Gopalji did, because of which she had to take such a big step. I don't  know what relationship they had, nor do I know what incident provoked her to take such a big step.
"Geetika had resigned twice from the company, once when MDLR airlines was in operation, and secondly when it was closed.
"Only police investigation can unravel what pressures were working on her which led her to this ultimate step. If she had been getting threatening calls or was under undue pressure, she could have approached the police or could have sought legal help. As adults, nobody can pressurize any body to do things which one doesn't want to do", said Nupur Mehta.